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Magali Delarosa “Ya Es Hora”


Magali Delarosa is both beauty and talent rolled in to one. The Mexican-American Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Fashion Designer was born in South Texas and after her High School graduation, passionately pursued her dream by moving to Los Angeles, California. International public figures have sought out the Mexican-American supernova like armenian star Karen Hakobyan. He requested Magali to be featured on his hit single “Sirel Em” and feature as his love interest in the official music video. “Sirel Em” has reached over two million views since its release in 2012. The two international stars were asked to perform live at the Nokia Theater for a crowd of 7,000 anticipating fans. Magali continued on as an independent artist after parting with Brunette, and shortly after released her single “Revival”. “Revival”, which is available in both English and Spanish, is a soulful acoustic guitar driven pop-ballad that has stirred major attention with record labels. The music video, showcasing both her attractive features and her impressive clothing designs, has triggered the interest of several modeling agencies. Her most recent accomplishment is her Latin Pop debut album entitled “Esta Vez” which is now in all digital stores, radio and has a music video out for the single to this culturally rich album. Around the same time as the artist was recording and getting ready to launch her debut album, she was approached by 6 time grammy award winning producer Devine Evans. Evans, a very well known producer in the industry invited Magali to be a part of a major project called ” Diary of a Songwriter”, which the artist happily became a part of.You can now find Magali as a featured artist in this music book centering around highs and lows of being a female artist in the business. She will also be a featured singer on one of the songs for the album that accompanies this very special movement. On Valentines Day 2016, Magali walked the red carpet for the first time with many other talented women to promote the launch of “Diary of a Songwriter”, where she also showcased her singing and dancing abilities at the famous Avalon club in Hollywood. As of March 2016 she has been working with the team at Tambora Records International to take her brand and music to another level. She will be releasing projects that combine latin tropical influences, urban and multicultural sounds of the world. Her new single “Ya Es Hora” produced by Jerry “Tambora CEO” Garcia, has a blend of latin urban, middle eastern and tropical sounds with the incredible vocal talent of Magali.

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