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Luchy DR “Diamante Real”


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Born in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic, Luchy comes from a musical family. Luisanna Hernandez has a passion for the arts as of a very young age.

Her first musical steps were taken when she joined the chorus at her school, El Instituto Evangélico. This is when she was felt the desire to become a professional singer and the dream of becoming a huge star. She then went on to become the lead vocalist for the group Big Family.

Luchy is the niece of the very well known pianist and pioneer Belkis Concepción who was one of the original creators of an all female merengue group called “Las Chicas Del Can”. Luchy has had the opportunity to collaborate with various artist of her native country within the urban market.

Luchy is not only a professional singer, she is an actress and songwriter, which allows her to not only write songs for herself but also for other up and coming artist as well as established artist.

She studied classical ballet at Bellas Artes and studied social communications in Dominican Republic. Luchy currently is promoting her new single “Me Mata El Deseo” and working on her upcoming album Diamante Real that translates to Real Diamond.

Luchy is managed by Peter M Robles, owner of AQUOS Entertainment Inc.

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