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Lo Blanquito – “Party de Popis”

Lo Blanquito is an urban group formed by Beto Pelaez, Soco Francis, El Sholivery, Lean and Miguel Duarte which recently released ‘Party De Popis’ (currently found on the top fifty viral tracks of Spotify in the Dominican Republic) and is the continuation of the single “Popi de Boca” which was released this past April.
Watch the video of “Party de Popis” here:
Lo Blanquito are currently working on new songs for 2018 and are making appearances at various festivals and events throughout the month of December in the Dominican Republic.
The members of the Lo Blanquito are:
El Sholivery
Sebastian Rodriguez, better known as “Sholivery”, was born on September 2nd of 1997 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since childhood he had a great inclination towards the Latin Urban Music scene, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago he decides to put his passion into practice. Performing and composing songs started as a pass time, until one day get to know some friends who shared the same taste in music and decided to form a group called “Lo Blanquito”. Thanks to his talent and his work the group has made hits such as “Boca De Popi”, “Superflow” and the recent “Party de Popis”. He is an artist that promises to continue to give much to talk about.
El Sholivery has also done roles as an actor in various films, not only complementing his passion with being an artist, but that he thrives on both performances alike.
His name “Sholivery” came about from his way of being funny and cynical which began projecting his character among his friends who gave him that name.
Miguel Duarte
Miguel Duarte was born on September 18, 1992 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From a very young age music drew his attention taking him at school to start to use selective kinds of guitar and bass, which gave him his start to the world of music.
“I always really had a desire to be a DJ, I remember that when I was a child I saw a commercial on TV from a popular drink brand that was focused on a party with a DJ playing with turntables and the public was mad with it! At that moment I decided that that should be me!” So at the early age of 12 he starts learning to spin on with Dual CDJS, instruments that were very recent on the market and unknown for the time.
Today Miguel Duarte is recognized as one of the best DJs in the Dominican Republic and continues to be characterized by his evolution alongside the international scene of music and is a founding member of the musical group #LoBlanquito.
SOCO Francis
Socrates Francis is a 23-year-old music lover who from an early age says that “I always escaped problems and the world by hearing music, but always as a listener.” He fantasized to be a musical artist, but never believed it possible. His career in music started in January of 2017, when going to a studio he recorded his first song as part of a group and there began his musical journey by joining with six others in a movement called Lo Blanquito, formed by four artists two producers and a DJ. With the help and support of his new colleagues Soco is very encouraged with his career which he puts in the hands of listeners wishing that they appreciate their effort and talent.
Leandro Rosas, known artistically as Lean, began to show interest in music at age 16 after thinking that his future was playing baseball. In the wake of an injury, he decided to pursue a musical career. At age 18, he meets the producers of Caribbean Sound and it was there where he made the contacts to start his career as an artist in which brings him today to the project of Lo Blanquito.
Beto Pelaez
Alberto Pelaez Frappier or better known as “Beto Pelaez” was born on October 4th, 1991. His interest towards music and composition in general came from an early age since his father was a renowned director, screenwriter, musician and comedian named Milton Pelaez. Beto started his urban musical career in 2009 doing a duet. Later he debuted as a soloist in 2015 and to date he has shared the stage with great artists like Wisin, Alexis & Fido, Jowell & Randy and Tempo among others. In 2017, he decides to join a group called Lo Blanquito creating hits like “Boca de Popi”, “Party de Popis” and “Superflow”. This young man is focused on more experience in the urban scene of part of Lo Blanquito and still has much of his talent to exploit.
Lo Blanquito
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