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Las Estrellas Del Coqui “Los Hijos Del Tambor” by Nelson Rodriguez

Las Estrellas Del Coqui - Alegria Y Sabor.jpg

There is nothing better, music wise, than to hear a new band with their own new material and compositions enriched flavor traditional Salsa spices for our musical palates to enjoy.

Making their debut for Steve Guasch’s Salsaneo label, my label of the year a few years back, Las Estrellas Del Coqui, from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, introduces us to the new vocal talents of Angel ‘Danny’ de la Matta and Bianca Cotto in what will be one of the best new releases of 2018.

The lead single from the CD, “Los Hijos Del Tambor”, was “Alegria Y Sabor”, written by Lester Orengo, better known as Van Lester who also named the band back in 2010 when the brothers Koki and Edgardo Lozada formed the group.

The brothers are joined by musical director and bassist Javier Ocasio the other standout tracks that include “Las Estrellas Del Coqui” that showcases the percussionists Samuel Ortiz on tumbadoras, Edgardo Lozada on bongo, and timbalero Jossie Gonzalez.

“La Isla Del Cordero” was written two weeks after Hurricane Maria struck the island and is one of the best tributes of the so many that have come out since the disaster. The song features the vocalists Koki Lozada, Danny de la Matta & Hugo Maysonet. The CD also incudes an extended version that again features the percussion trio of Ortiz, Lozada and Gonzalez.

Bianca Cotto shines on the number “Hijos De Un Tambor’ and “El Azucar De Celia” (homage to our queen Celia Cruz).

“Los Hijos Del Tambor” is danceable and an explosive example of what a good Salsa band from Puerto Rico should sound like.