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LAS CAFETERAS “Oaxaca Love Song No.2”

Oaxaca Love Song No.2 is an homage to Oaxaca – its culture, history and most importantly, its people. The song was inspired by the travels and encounters of Las Cafeteras co-founder Hector Flores and an unshakable love of 50’s Mexican Rock ‘n’ Roll. With references to its unforgettable gastronomy (Quesillo, Tlayudas and Chilatole); to one of its greatest sons, Benito Juarez (the first president of Mexico of indigenous origin); to romantic innuendos suggested throughout the track, Oaxaca Love Song is a vivid expression of what it means to be inspired by Oaxaca, to be seduced by Oaxaca, and thrive in a Oaxaquena state of mind.

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