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La Dame Blanche “ELLA”

With her always expanding and singular mix of hip hop, female empowerment, dancehall, and catchy beats,  singer, flautist, and percussionist Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, aka La Dame Blanche, delivers a powerful and compelling sound that summons the spirits. Everything started in Cuba where she was born. Her father, Jesus “Aguaje” Ramos, is the musical director of the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club and helped introduce her to music early on.

The album “ELLA” is an homage to her mother and all the women that inhabit this artist.  La Dame Blanche explains the album title: “My father is someone that I always wanted to impress….everyone knew me as HIS daughter, and that is one of the reasons I called this album ELLA (HER).”

The album is a celebration of all things female, from the title and artwork to the tracklist – 10 women embodied in 10 songs. The album takes us on a journey of identity via a sonic weaving through genres that express La Dame Blanche’s identity as an artist while also exploring deeper issues around being an Afro-Cuban woman, Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, in today’s world.

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