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Julian Vasquez “Tu Ausencia”


Julian Vasquez, know artistically as Julian “El Diamante De La Salsa”, was born in Passaic, New Jersey to musically inclined parents. His father, Julian Vasquez Sr., was an incredibly gifted guitar player who traveled and performed alongside the likes of Yomo Toro & Ramito. Julian’s mother was a gifted vocalist who used her talents to spread the word of God in church chorus. This foundation would be the catalyst for Julian’s interest in music…specifically Latin Music.

As a young child, Julian and his parents, like many 2nd generation Puerto Rican’s, made their way to the Bronx. This cultural change in environment exposed Julian to an urban side of a genre that he respected and loved. He welcomed the opportunity to fuse his traditional roots with the sounds of heavy bass and up-tempo swing.

Julian’s life took a musical turn when he moved to “La Isla Del Encanto”, Puerto Rico. In the four short years that Julian resided there he developed a deep love and appreciation for Salsa, Merengue, and folk music known as “Aguinaldos”. Julian also complimented his passion for singing by learning how to play the Guiro, Bongos, Guitar, and Maracas. This arsenal of talent, coupled with Julian’s electric personality made him a favorite everywhere he performed.

Upon Julian’s return to New York City, he was prepared to pursue his dream of becoming a recording artist and sharing his talent with the world. Julian quickly aligned himself with various performers to serve as a writer & vocalist for their work. These newly formed relationships allowed Julian an opportunity to understand the business aspect of music and also exposed him to new musical styles.

In 1997, famed producer, songwriter, and composer, JELLYBEAN BENITEZ heard a sampling of Julian’s work and was quickly signed to his newly formed recording label, H.O.L.A (Home of Latina Artists). The partnership was ideal for Julian, as he was the epitome of the company’s goal to fuse traditional music with the popular urban genre. Julian’s 1st single, “Ponte a Mover”, was an instant club favorite and became a radio hit. The single earned Julian a spot on a worldwide tour that featured artists like Projecto Uno, Frankie J, D’Mingo, Angel Clivilles, & many more.

The dedication that Julian is putting into his album will soon make him a household name in the Salsa world. Be ready for Julian “El Diamante De La Salsa “ his songs will make you fall in love and dance the night away.

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