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Jes “Under The Midnight Sun”

Set in a strange land, where a mesmerizing sun never sets, JES’s newest song “Under The Midnight Sun” plays like a movie in the mirror of your mind. JES wrote the song as the pandemic began to grip the planet, putting her own unique spin on a global problem.  Bringing her legendary depth and emotion to the pop-dance format, JES’s stunning voice takes us on a journey fueled by our innermost desires.

“I felt like we all need some time away from the stressful reality of our day to day lives. Being somewhere else, Under The Midnight Sun, seemed like the perfect distraction. It’s a place where everyone can be whatever they want to. I feel like we managed to capture that special party energy, that sense of freedom that we’ve all been missing lately. To have that sense of possibility and optimism is so important.”

If you feel like you could use a little vacation from reality, join JES “Under The Midnight Sun” and get down, under lockdown.