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Ivan Montero “Nos Entendemos”


Recording Artist Ivan Montero is a multi-talented Singer, Percussionist, and DJ. After serving 22 years on Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force, he retired, and is now a Recording Artist under his own independent label, Montero Music Records headquartered in Central/South Florida.

This Puerto Rican singer was influenced by music at an early age. His father was a promoter for “Trio” music and his mother had a passion for music. Ivan’s first experience in front of a microphone was as a child recording radio drops for a local radio station. During his early years in Puerto Rico, his love and passion grew for Afro-Caribbean rhythms and typical Puerto Rican music such as Bomba, Plena, Aguinaldo and of course, Salsa!

 While serving in the U.S. Air Force, stationed in Okinawa, Japan, he took his first opportunity as a singer. He and his fellow military members decided to put together a “live” Salsa Band, Latin Connection, and began performing for the troops and Japanese Festivals. Latin Connection was a great success with Ivan being the lead singer. In 1998, he was assigned back in the U.S. (Los Angeles, CA), where he continued to be a sought after singer, singing for local bands to include Long Beach Latin Jazz, Orquesta Guaraní, Angel Sabroso, Salsumba, Cha-Chazz, Ralphy y su Conjunto Boricua, and his own project “L.A. Salsa Connection” co-run with his ‘Musical Mentor,’ the legendary Puerto Rican trumpet player, Joe Campanela (co-founder/member of La Corporacion Latina).

After a great 10-year tenure in Los Angeles, CA, still on Active Duty at the time, Ivan was re-assigned to Corpus Christi, TX, where he continued to expand his skills as a singer. There he sang lead and played percussion for local bands N’Rumba, Grupo Afinque, Ritmo Caribe, and Latin Talk.

Today, Ivan lives and plays in Central/South Florida where he continues to be a sought-after Singer. In his short time in Florida, he has performed with local, international, and world-class acts such as Lalo Rodriguez, Chamaco Rivera, Orquesta Urbana, A&C La Banda, Mambo Lebron Orchestra, Latin Swing, Martha Delgado y Orquesta, Omar Negron, and Los D’Aqui. Promoting his latest dance floor burner “Nos Entendemos”.

For bookings and more info:

Tel: (813) 244-3221
Twitter / Instagram: @IvanMonteroPR