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Henry Vargas “Pluto”

Freestyle’s best kept secret, Hot Latin Stud, Certified Bad Boy, CEO of Don Juan Entertainment, Self Made Recording Artist, Writer, Composer and Top 40 FM radio smasher, Mr. No Filters, Jumpoutboy, The PLUTO Man himself, HENRY VARGAS is back! Born and raised in West Harlem, New York. Influenced by many musical icons and legends. Mr. Vargas has been bubbling to explode for a long time, Henry Vargas brings a New Wave movement to the music industry with his new SMASHER “PLUTO” influencing the freestyle music genre and other genres with a new musical blueprint for the future. PLUTO, currently airing on top 40 radio, is spreading its way across this planet with godly lyrics and music productions by Jay Alams, Remixes by Klubjumpers, DJ Lucho, Tim “Spinning” Schommer and Josh JW. The musical formula presented to this world stems from Mr. Vargas’ years of music industry experience with about 20 recordings released and being heavily involved in the behind the music scenes. Not only as an artist but Mr. Vargas was Record label owner of DMD Entertainment (former distributor and investor of Artistik Recordings, CPR’s Clubhouse and more), two recordings distributed by MICMAC Records, Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Composer, Artist Management and former co-owner of G1E Productions. In the Latin Tropical scene, Henry was a background singer for former latin recording artist, Jorge Luis aka George Anthony. Then, Henry managed and developed a female latin/pop artist “Melissa Bonillas” to feature in collaboration and produced by Multi Grammy Award winning icon, Sergio George and with Grammy Award Nominee, Salsero “Charlie Cruz “ a remake of “Devorame Otra Vez” (original by Frankie Ruiz), which charted in the top 10 Billboards in 2004 and more. Vargas is becoming a serious force in the music industry and in new wave freestyle music. “Pluto is one of our many new musical blueprints to come.” Says Henry. PLUTO maxi single making its way to the air worldwide! 2021 new album titled “Formula One” by Mr. Vargas with new bangers never thought of! Very Godly! Also Don Juan Entertainment will be smashing the scenes with new artists of several genres. Stay tuned! Henry Vargas, is just getting started.

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