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“Gloria” Soundtrack

Featuring Original Music by Lorne Balfe &
Original Recording of Nine Classic Gloria Trevi Songs Performed by The Film’s Sofía Espinosa
 Ms. Espinosa’s ferocious performance evokes both Madonna and Miley Cyrus ” — New York Times
Varèse Sarabande will release the GLORIA – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, digitally on August 21, 2015.  The film features original music by Lorne Balfe (TERMINATOR GENISYS, HOME, The Penguins of Madagascar) along with nine classic Gloria Trevi songs performed by Sofía Espinosa, who stars as Gloria in the film.
Espinoza studied CDs, news clips and videos to in order to perfect the ‘concert’ performance in the film.  While recording the music, she worked closely with some of Trevi’s former band members to recreate the nuance of Gloria’s voice and phrasing.  In the film and on the soundtrack her performances are virtually identical to archival footage of the multi-million selling superstar.
“We really wanted to tell the story through the music, not stop the story for a musical performance,” the director and leading force behind the film, Christian Keller explained. “One of the first things that Gloria told me was, ‘If you want to know my story, just look at the lyrics of my songs.’ She is one of music’s most prolific songwriters and at every point in her life, she wrote about what she was experiencing. The songs in the film complement Gloria’s inner world, her thoughts and emotions. Instead of interrupting the plot, they support and drive the story line.”
“There are few directors who would sacrifice ten years of their lives for a film,” said composer Balfe. “Christian Keller’s dedication to Gloria’s story is a true testament to the importance he places on the details in his film. Each of Gloria’s songs tells an important part of her life and Christian does them justice in his visual retelling of her remarkable story. He placed great faith in me to create a score for Gloria and I am thankful to have been a part of his long and fruitful journey.”
A bold and compelling tale of ambition, betrayal and redemption, Gloria chronicles the life of international pop star Gloria Trevi, the ‘Mexican Madonna.’ Carefully groomed by an abusive manager and propelled by her politically charged lyrics and unashamed sexuality, Gloria shoots to unparalleled stardom—until a sex scandal that mesmerized the world brings her crashing down.
The New York Times describes, “ Gloria, a screen biography of Gloria Trevi, the rebellious pop diva widely viewed as Mexico’s Madonna, would be worth seeing if for no other reason than for the tempestuous performance of its star Sofía Espinosa. With its dry-eyed view of the seamier side of show business, it is a superior pop-star portrait. Ms. Espinosa’s ferocious performance evokes both Madonna and Miley Cyrus.”
The Director Christian Keller refuses to look at Gloria’s life as a tragic tale of seduction and sexual abuse. His aim has always been to tell a universally relatable story about an ambitious young woman who is in love and yearning to feel loved. “That led her to a very dark place,” Keller said. “She and Sergio certainly did some crazy things, but they also created magic together. And she has emerged from a potentially crushing experience as a strong, triumphant woman who has gone on to even more success.”
Track Listing
1)              Gloria – Lorne Balfe
2)              Mañana – Sofía Espinosa
3)              Dr. Psiquiatra – Sofía Espinosa
4)              Con Los Ojos Cerrados – Sofía Espinosa
5)              Fallen in Love – Lorne Balfe
6)              Pelo Suelto – Sofía Espinosa
7)              La Papa Sin Catsup – Sofía Espinosa
8)              A Proposal – Lorne Balfe
9)              El Recuento de los Daños – Sofía Espinosa
10)            Lady Di! – Sofía Espinosa
11)            Los Borregos – Sofía Espinosa
12)            Cómo Nace el Universo – Sofía Espinosa
13)            Moving Forward – Lorne Balfe
Picturehouse will release the film GLORIA on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand this fall through Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Varèse Sarabande will release the GLORIA – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, digitally on August 21, 2015.