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El Tavo & Chamo release the music video for their single “Beberme Tu Amor”

The Miami based duo is putting the final touches on what will be their debut EP
Today El Tavo & Chamo released the music video for their single “Beberme Tu Amor” exclusively on their VEVO channel. The video, which was filmed in their home city of Miami Florida, is a demonstrative visual of what their multi-cultural, fun and spirited music represents. With their distinctive fusion of Cumbia with reggaeton, hip-hop, trap, alternative, urban, and world, “Beberme Tu Amor” takes us on a party ride like no other!El Tavo & Chamo continue to prepare more music and plan to release an EP in the near future which will embody their international and cross-cultural talent.

The music video, shot in both countries, features Russian ballet with the dancehall riddims, Kingston kids, singing Russian “Da” and a crazy party going on the outskirts of Moscow. The song is in English, Russian and Patois.

The song and its video celebrate the empowerment of women portraying them as the queens of the party, who rule everything.

Say Da” is a child of two cultures that drives positive motivation, encouraging the listener to engage by simply saying “DA” (yes in Russian) …. DA to UNITY, EQUALITY, LOVE & FRIENDSHIP!