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El Kanky “Ya Es Hora De Partir”


Francisco Moises Martinez De Los Santos actually known by his close people as el kanky which is a nick name given to him as a child is a singer songwriter and producer.His parents are both from Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic descent.. By the time he was attending kindergarden in Alejandrino Guaynabo P.R. it was evident his attraction to music . His first music beginnings were at the Pentecostal church in which he attended and began to sing as a child in Lomas Verde Bayamon P.R. and later developed himself artistically joining a local group around the age of 17 in the city of Newark NJ called ‘La sensacion Joven”1990 The young sensation’.The group was composed by Raul James Koreographer 1,Jose PR, Jose “lachandra” Lara DR  and soon after elkanky became the forth member, the group disbanded but not after gaining well recognition through the city of newark and being acknowledged by the local newspaper located on clifton and bloomfield ave .El kanky known as an extraordinary dancer wins several dance contests in his early years. By 1992 and 1993 he had teach people of different age groups to dance bachata,merengue,salsa and even lambada.

For his 1rst album Angel de Amor he hired one of the best song writer and producer in the Bachata genre Felix Mirabal who has done work with many great bachata artist like :Antony Santos,Frank Reyes,Joe Veras,Alex Bueno and many more.
In 2006 elkanky  became part of a Cd album released by the famous label Universal Music,BACHATA FLOW 2006 that debuted artist and bands such as Aventura,Joe Veras etc .At the time the artist known as elkanky was under the ‘guidance’ of Discomania records a music label who had artists such as  Zacarias Ferreira, and Kiko Rodriguez .

This artist before coming back into the path of christ, achived multiples Cd Promotional Compilations with Renown artists such as Luis Miguel,Ricardo Montaner,Shakira,Marck Antony,Alejandro Zans,Pepe  Aguilar and Juan Luis Guerra and Romeo Santos just to name a few.
His new album is called Rhythms – Ritmos he decided to add merengue  and hired Gproductions as the sound engineer who provided the beat for ‘A Merengue urbano song’. Moses D Santos aka elkanky created the lyrics for  “Cuando Siento Su voz’. and created the lyrics and rhythm of the smash hit HER-ELLA  bringing his own style to the bachata genre.

This album contains 2 reggae song titled ‘Nada sin ti’ and ‘No talks about Love’ the track nada sin ti was produced  by the artist himself including the lyrics and the track of no talks about love the instrumental was created by sickmusic the lyrics were written by the artist. Mundo Musical is the executive producer. This artist has worked with hip hop music producer Mozart Jones who created the instrumental for ‘My Club Song’ also the lyrics of this track were written by the artist .
In this new album Rhythms 2017 elkanky makes a come back with YA ES HORA DE PARTIR and No Se Lo Digan a Nadie which are 2 of the tracks in the Bachata genre that he believes will be very well accepted by the Music listeners among others.
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