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El Condado De La Salsa Y Jazz Latino Review by Nelson Rodriguez

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Celeste ‘La Fiera’ “On The Hunt/En La Busqueda”

One of the hottest CD’s of 2020 will be the powerful production by Celeste “La Fiera” produced by the Hall of Famer Pablo ‘Chino’ Nuñez. While not a newcomer to the Salsa scene Celeste (Celeste Polanco) shines throughout her CD, “On The Hunt/En La Busqueda”, from the opening bell of track number one “Bailate La Vida” to the last song “El Tiempo La Dira”. Like a panther on the prowl Celeste is taking no prisoners! Her powerful voice and sensuous style backed by great arrangements will produce many hits.

The track “Lo Mio Es Cantar” is no joke and the proof that ‘her thing is singing’ is in the tracks “Hecha Con Salsa y Sabor”, her tribute to Celia Cruz “La Guagua”, “Mi Salsa Te Llama”, and her duet, “Valiente”, with one of today’s hottest male vocalists Edwin Lebron.

Expect this young lady to make a lot of noise at radio in 2020 and hopefully there is a tour in place for Salsa fans who love to dance to get a chance to see her!