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El Condado De La Salsa y Jazz Latino May 2019 2.0


Quick update on some new recordings starting with vocalist Papo Medina titled “Nunca Es Tarde”. I was introduced to Francisco ‘Papo’ Medina back in late 80’s when he formed his band Expresion Latina in 1986 in Seattle, Washington. Their debut CD, “Realidad”, was followed up in 2005 with “9 Dias De Rumba” but its his latest that shows us a seasoned voice that allows Papo to shine on the Colombian tinged “Me Dejo Pelao” and the Venezuelan fused “La Rumba De Papo”. The recording was recorded in Cali, Miami and Caracas, Venezuela and is by far Papo’s best CD. DJ’s will also love “Muy Tarde”, “Palabras Del Cielo” (one of the first single’s) and “Ya Comenzo La Fiesta”.

Marlow - FEMINOMANIA.jpg

Grammy winner Marlow Rosado is back with another winner that can get him nominated again for a Grammy, “Feminomania”, where the ladies take over. The CD is a combination of Salsa Romantica and tracks with more swing that should do well at the non-commercial radio shows worldwide. After you listen to Aymee Nuviola on “Asi Son”, Elizabeth Elias on “Feminomania”, Branda K. Starr on “I’m My Own Hero”,
Michelle Brava on “Besame”, Son Divas on “Sentimiento Borinqueño”, Patty Padilla on “Salsalsa”, Carolina Lao & Angel Lopez on “Perdon”, Yordamis Megret on “No Quiero Nada Contigo” and Albita on “Oschun” you will see why Marlow’s concept was a great idea.

Actually if you wanted to come up with a big time award winning concept incorporating the best divas the list should include Choco Orta, India, Cita Rodriguez, Melina Almodovar, Haila Mompie, Elsa Valle, Trina Medina, Lucy Grau, Millie P, Omara Portuondo, Sandra Iris Cepeda, Tania Pantoja, and so many more.

Albita - Acustica.jpg

Speaking of Albita, her latest “Acustica”, is the perfect recording for the perfect voice. Folkloric selections done only like Abita Rodriguez can do with an acoustic backing that provides uplifting performances on “Cancion Para Cantar A Veces”, “Soy Una Mujer”, “Vendo”, “Decimas Infieles” and “Son Sin Concepto”.


Pedrito Calvo Jr. has been making a name for himself since he chose to follow in his dad’s footsteps but shows us on “Justo a Tu Gusto” that he is his own man. A combination of Timba and modern romantic the CD has one hit after another in “Refrescante”, “Pa Loco Yo”, “El Ambiente”, “Avanza”, “La Autoestima”, “Bacalao” and “Se Escapa El Alma”.


“The Salsa & Fusion 1” was a confusing title since I did not get what the fusion was. The CD compilation contains 23 tracks that has Salsa Romantica and some with more swing that I would play at my radio show, Alma Del Barrio in Los Angeles, including some I already did. My picks here are by Orquesta Café Con Leche’s “Café Con Leche”, Orquesta Yage’s “La Tiradera”, Manuel Bravo y la Orquesta Palanque’s “La Pastillita”, Julian Martinez’ “Pachanga Urbana”, Chacy y Los Patrones de La Salsa’s “Yo Soy Candela”, and the combination of Tito Puente Jr. with vocalist Melina Almodovar‘s “Mi Socio”. There are also selections from three hot bands Marea Brava Orquesta, Orquesta Salsa , Timba and Son and Curao En Salsa.