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El Condado De La Salsa y Jazz Latino Looks at VibraSÓN by Nelson Rodriguez


One of this year’s new surprises on You Tube was the West Coast band VibraSÓN that I discovered while searching for another band and from there I reached out to bandleader Jake Jacobs who sent me the CD. As a huge fan of the vibraphone I was immediately enamored with the band that reminded me of the sounds I grew up with in the 60’s NYC style.

Jacob’s is a twenty-year veteran of the Salsa dance world as well as an instructor in dance and I know for a fact that as a lover of Salsa dancing you view music through the eyes of dancers and that’s what VibraSÓN gives you. An exhilarating sound reminiscent of the ‘old skool’ classic salsa of the Joe Cuba Sextet, New Swing Sextet and Cal T’Jader with today’s modern music arrangements and excellent veteran musicians in bassist Saul Sierra, pianist Marco Diaz, percussionists Carlos Caro & Julio Perez and the soothing vibes of Charlie Barreda who was heavily influenced by T’Jader.

VibraSon was formed in 2013 in the San Francisco bay area and today introduces us to their debut, “Llego VibraSÓN”, that will be one of the new decade’s finest releases by years end. Just listen to the opening tracks “Llego VibraSon”, “Riete” and “No Te Me Escondas” for the pleasure of your dancing feet.

Loved their version of Stings 1987 hit “Fragile” and everybody knows I love Salsa with English lyrics and “Lonely Is the Night” is a winner. I should mention that lead vocalist Luis Morales does an excellent both in English and Spanish.

For the fans of Cal T’Jader “Freeway” with please your taste buds with improvisations by Marco Diaz on piano and the grandson of Hall of Famer Papo Pepin, Christian Pepin, on timbales.

VibraSÓN has already made a mark with my listeners at my radio show at Alma Del Barrio, in Los Angeles and it will also delight listeners across the nation as DJ’s jump on this swinging new CD.