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El Condado De La Salsa y Jazz Latino July 2020 by Nelson Rodriguez

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Starting this month of July I will form part of with a show on Fridays from 6pm-8pm (PST) which is 9pm to 11pm in the East Coast titled “El Condado De La Salsa y JazzLatino”. This show will have throughout the week shows coming from Cali, Colombia, Boston, Spain, my show here in Los Angeles and a core of popular DJ’s and musicians in San Francisco. More on that in my next article. Check it out.
The more exposure and education that radio hosts can provide the better the survival of our music for generations to come and that is exactly what is about. To me education is super vital in my shows and I also teach through my articles and in conversations with both artists and fans alike.
I will also be hosting on a three hour show on Tuesdays from 3pm to 6pm (6pm -9pm EST) titled “Jazzeando En El Valle” with old and new Latin Jazz from all corners of the world covering the last 7 decades.

To me education is super vital in my shows and I also teach through my articles and in conversations with both artists and fans alike.
Women have been a part of the Salsa & Latin Jazz scene for many decades either as soloists or in bands as featured singers and the list of female vocalists has grown over the last decade at an enormous rate. Today you have seasoned veterans and new comers from all parts of the world and some of the names include India, Choco Orta, Michelle Brava, Canelita Medina and her daughter Trina, Cita Rodriguez, Celeste, Patty Padilla, Melina Almodovar, Victoria Sanabria, Yolanda Duke, Lisett Morales, Daniela Darcourt, Son Tentacion, Orquesta Canela, Son Damas, Lucy Grau, Yeny Valdes, Yamila Guerra, Jenny Colon, Millie Puente, La Caro Band, the current queen Omara Portuondo, , Bobi Cespedes, Lily Hernandez, Sandra Iris Cepeda, Yoko La Japonesa, Nora (Susuki), Doris Lavin, Nayibe La Gitana, Yolanda Rivera, Vikki Romero, Tania Pantoja, Aymee Nuviola, Haila Mompie, Albita, Yahaira Plasecia, Dayme Arocena, Leslie Cartaya, Santa Dia Bla, Maia, Yani Mercedes, Magda En Salsa, Yanela Brooks, Son Latinas, Lady Salsa, Son Guapas, Maria Victoria, Isa (La Gordita De Oro), Carmen, Martha Duarte, DiAna Santiago, Vanelis, Cecilia Noel, Elsa Valle, the legendary 80 year old Anacaona, Mercedes Pollet, Monika Mesa, Barbara Ruiz, and Sol. I may have forgotten a few names but you get the ‘jist of it’.
You have female vocalists in bands like Bembe Orquesta, Croma Latina, Bamboleo, Azucar Negra, Willamsburg Salsa Orchestra and other bands ready to explode onto the scene as soloists.


OnOne such talent is Izis La Enfermera de la Salsa, an ARMY nurse who serves her country, patients, and Salsa music aficionados every waking second. Isis Marie Rosario, was born in San Juan Puerto Rico to a musical family that includes her uncle Modesto Nieves , composer and internationally recognized cuatrista, and her cousin Christian Nieves who was the recording musician for international hit DESPACITO, bringing the song to life with the unique sound of the cuatro Puertorriqueño.
Izis has had various singles released over the years to include duet with legendary Salsa artist, composer, and arranger, Nino Segarra. She has just debuted her new album titled “Te Curare” that includes a combination of emotionally driven Salsa, traditional salsa Dura and a guajira. Songs like “Homenaje a Puerto Rico”, “Soy Tu Guajira” and her own composition title track “Te Curare” are sure to make world playlists.

What I also respect about Izis is her talent on the flute, I would like to hear more of Izis as a vocalist and flutist in the future.


From the Bay area comes the Cuban fusion band La Tropa Son (mostly known as La Tropa) led by Cuban bassist Livan Montoya who created the band in Berkely, California in 2010. The octet made their debut with the CD “La Mañana Americana” and with their second CD, “Alien” continue their story about ‘the immigrant life in a unique blend of musical styles’ as the guys like to define their concept. Listen to “De Llano y Loma”, “Alien”, “Guateque En El West”, “Lo Correcto”, “Palante y Pico” and “Pasion y Dinero”.


Trombonist/Composer Fabian Grisales formed in 2013, in Cali, Colombia, the hot band Sonysabor as a trombone laced outfit for dancers and the proof is in their music. DJ’s and dancers will love “Mala Cosa”, “Detras De Ti”, “Te Llamo Bailador”, “Voz De Fe” and the international hit featuring guest Frankie Vasquez “Relajao” that has made many hit parades all over the world.

Mambo Machine

Germany has also had a rich history of Salsa and Latin Jazz in the past decades and when Hall of Famer pianist/composer/arranger Marc Bischoff joins forces with drummer/percussionist Dan Muller and combine their creative minds they form Mambo Machine. The band, that features vocalist Mayelis Guyat (another new female name joining the ranks), combines Salsa, Reggaeton, Salsa Choke, Cumbia with dance beats to bring a new sound to fans. The self-titled EP of five tracks goes with the trend we have been seeing in Europe and especially in Italy.

Wil Campa.jpg

It is very rare to hear about a young vocalist today site his idols as Beny More, Miguelito Cuni & Arsenio Rodriguez that led him to study professional in school and then to the band Cumbre and later Maraca (Orlando Valle) where he travelled to over 37 countries exposing him to the world. Wil Campa was part of Maraca’s Grammy nominated “Tremenda Rumba” that could have easily won that year. The experiences Wil Campa encountered led him to the formation of his and in 2005 ‘Wil Campa y su Gran Union’, from La Habana, has made a name with his vocal stylings and one of the hottest bands in Cuba.
The hits here are endless while “La Propina”, “Fiesta”, “Escoba”, “Rumba Osain”, “Pinta Pintor” with guest Osain Del Monte and “Zapato Nuevo Pa’ Que Tompa El Piso” featuring Haila are my favorites.

Orquesta Failde

Cuba gave the world the dance form Danzon (a combination of Danza & Son) at the end of the 1800’s (1879 to be exact) created by Miguel Failde Perez, while others believe it’s Manuel Samuell. We’re not here to argue the subject but to acknowledge the reincarnation in Failde’s great-great grandson Ethiel Failde who has quickly made a name for himself worldwide with his first that featured Omara Portuondo, “Siempre Tu Voz”, an homage to Benny More’s 100 years that was a huge success.

Now the young flutist returns with an excellent sophomore release, “Failde Con Tumbao”, on the EGREM label. The CD is a rich compilation of the great rhythms of Cuba that opens with the instrumental, “Concierto En Varsovia” that features the hall of famer violinist Federico Britos and a new name many will soon know, Alejandro Falcon. Alejandro Falcon & Cubadentro’s “Mi Monte Espiritual” from 2018 introduced us to this extremely and enchanting pianist.

The track “Esas No Son Cubanas” introduces us to vocalist Yurisan Hernandez in a duo with Andy Montañez while Omara Portuondo returns to sing “Me Desordeno”. Pop star Camila Cabello’s huge hit “Havana” gets the cha cha cha feel with the voice of Yerlanis Junco and a hot trumpet solo from another hall of famer Julito Padron. The CD ends with two Salsa tracks “La Cumbacha” and “Tumbao” in the chronology that takes you from the old to the new in rhythms.

More music will be coming in the next months from Choco Orta, Charlie Donato, the John Santos Ensemble, and Gilberto Santa Rosa (who has recorded 20 tracks but may not use them all). El Gran Como dropped another single but for now is looking to release their recording at the end of the year or 2021.