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El Condado De La Salsa y Jazz Latino for Latinos Unidos Online February 2019 Hit Parade by Nelson Rodriguez

For the start of this new year one thing is evident within the Salsa & Latin Jazz scene…there will be many new recordings and a slew of singles coming from all regions of the world. A record pace of very good music is coming out from the United States, Cuba, Puerto Rico, South America, Central America, Asia, Europe, Spain, Canada and the Orient.

We have been seeing how more than half of the artists that release a single or two never get past that stage due to lack of funds. In other instances an artist compiles singles throughout the years to finally be able to release an EP (short LP of 5-6 songs) or a full CD (in some cases this takes years to accomplish). I see many new CD’s that began their journey in 2017 coming out this year. Even known artists have produced their CD’s in this fashion due to lack of financial support. Fund Me networks are springing up every day were artists ask for fan support to complete projects.

With that we are also seeing another rise of new artists recording Salsa, Latin Jazz, Bachatas, and many eclectic CD’s that are not just the run of the mill Salsa or Latin Jazz CD that we usually hear. CD’s that incorporate Soul, Folkloric, Funk, Plena, Rumba, Boogaloo, Dance music, and much more.

The following list is an example of what I have described in what looks to be another promising year of great music. DJ’s at radio have been exposing this music to fans at their shows if they are able to get the recordings from the artists or labels.  But only two songs on this list have had commercial radio support which is a shame. And if the club DJ was to be inclined to be creative and challenge himself (instead of just playing the same old same old romantic songs) this list can make an average club DJ a star with the dancers.

First time we have a father and son in our top 20 with Don & Pete Perignon…one of my top artists of 2018, Gilberto Santa Rosa, continues to shine as a guest on other recordings other than his own…bands that are destined for future hall of fame status on this list include Elito Reve y su Charangon, La 33, Siguarajazz, Real Charanga, and Orquesta Abran Paso.

To this list you can add Aguanko, Tromboranga, Mercadonegro, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, The Mambo Legends Orchestra, Pacific Mambo Orchestra, Jose Rizo’s Jazz on The Latin Side All Stars, Pupy y Los Que Son Son and El Septeto Santiaguero.

For collectors there is the 5 LP box set of The Cuban Jam Sessions that back in 1957 started the Latin all-star descarga craze that led to The Alegre All Stars, Tico All Stars, The Arieto All Stars, the Fania All Stars, Puerto Rico All Stars and all that followed in the last 50 plus years. The Latin pioneers from Cuba- Julio Gutierrez, Niño Rivera, Cachao and Jose Fajardo who set the world on fire.


1-Alfonso Osuna- Bacalao

2-Eddie Palmieri Ft. Gilberto Santa Rosa- Mi Luz Mayor

3-Siguarajazz- 007 Mambo

4-Charanga Carabali- Lluvia

5-Jimmy Bosch- Trombon De Oro

6-Pancho Amat y su Cabildo Son- Guarapo, Pimienta y Sal

7-La 33- Salerosa

8-Jose Torres Ft. Mel Martinez & Jorge Nicolai- Salsa Brava

9-Real Charanga- Amor Con Sentido

10-Orquesta Abran Paso Ft. Adalberto Santiago- Viento En Popa

11-Pete Perignon- Mi Salsa Mi Bandera

12-Kharim Santos Ft. NG2- Dejame Quererte

13-Aymee Nuviola Ft. El Septeto Santiaguero- Adonde Estabas Anoche

14-Don Perignon Y La Puertorriqueña- Cultura y Sabor

15-Combinacion De La Habana- Despacito

16-Junior Rivera & Yabukoa- Bailando Contigo

17-Carlos Henriquez- Trinidad, Hello

18-Pedro Bermudez- Acere Guaribombo

19-Jossie Leon- De Buenas a Primeras

20-Mucho Manolo Ft. Gilberto Santa Rosa

21-Orquesta La Potente- Tumba Timbal

22-Tribu- Nite Work

23-Haila Canta Armando Manzanero- Somos Novios

24-Tito Nieves & Sergio George (Live)- Fabricando Fantasias

25-Habana Band- Traigo

26-David Lenis- El Pirulero

27-Julian Vasquez- Tu Ausencia

28-Edwin Reyes El Calvito- Somos De Sangre Nueva

29-Papa Mambo- Sunny

30-Doris Lavin- Oggun Arere

31-Issac Delgado- Toro Mata

32-Son Del Monte- Vengo Del Monte

33-Maelo y su Klan- El Oso y La Osa

34-Nathan Rodriguez y su Conjunto Boriken- La Historia de Juan Ramon

35-Diego Gale- Escucha Mi Salsa

36-Victor Manuelle Ft. Gilberto Santa Rosa- Salsa Para Olvidar Las Penas

37-Orquesta La Criolla- Soy Orquesta La Criolla

38-Los Muñequitos De Matanzas- Mi Quinto, Mi Bajo y Yo

39-Joe Lopez- Homenaje A Curet

40-Nino Segarra Ft. Gilberto Santa Rosa- Yo Llevo La Salsa

41-Lisett Morales & Reinier Bonachea- Otra Oportunidad

42-Omar Plasencia Leon y La Cream De Macaray- A Bailar El Son

43-Dellafuente- Me Pelea

44-Pelusa y La Banda Ft. Herman Olivera- Para Ti Mi Son

45-Johnny Rivera- Guerra Fria

46-Ralph Santos- What’s Going On

47-Pibo Marquez- Agradeciendo

48-Marlow & Albita- Oshun

49-Alberto Maria Ft. Yiyo Sarante- Por Ella

50-Saned Rivera- Yo No Aguanto Mas

51-Stephen Giraldo Ft. Guicho- La Salsa No Para

52-Jeremy Bosch- Una Noche Mas

53-Asocasalsa De Cali- Somos Asocasalsa

54-Guido Brogle- Prestame Tu Corazon

55-Elito Reve y su Charangon- Yo Me Muero En La Habana

56-Wito Rodriguez- Now And Forever

57-Orquesta La Maxima 79- Tabaratiando

58-Barbaro Fines- La Frontera

59-Andy Velez- Son Con Trombon

60-Libre X Presion- Un Coco