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El Chery “Matadora”

Los Angeles, CA (July 22, 2016) – After the release of debut single “Pacto de Placer,” (The Pact of Pleasure) the hottest artist emerging out of the Latin urban genre, El Chery, premieres his new song “Matadora” produced by DJ MostWanted.

El Chery was born in Dominican Republic and moved to Europe with his family when he was just a child.  It was there that he began to compose songs and learn music theory.  Later he moved to Brooklyn, NY where he met his friend and producer DJ MostWanted with whom he began working together.  It was in that phase of his career where he began to garner recognition within the Latin urban scene through collaborations with artists such as:  R-1 la Esencia, Shadow Blow, Melymel, Mr. Manyao & H2, KO El Más Completo, Joa El SuperMC, Cristion Dio’r, Villanosam, and LR La Ley Del Rap among others.

El Chery is a versatile artist that embodies the Reggaetón, Hip Hop and Latin Pop genres.  Besides his multicultural background, El Chery speaks fluent English, French and Spanish positioning him as a unique artist both lyrically and in regards to sound. That combined with discipline and dedication make him a multidimensional artist who has it all.

And so El Chery has become one of the most interesting and promising artists, not just due to his innovative style but also because of the musical and cultural influences that shaped him while living in Europe.  Now that he lives in Brooklyn, a new phase of his career commences with an awaited album and recognition by his fans after reaching 1 million views on Facebook with debut single “Pacto de Placer.”

His highly anticipated album The Naughty Boy is set to be released later this year on all digital stores and platforms under the label C’est La Vie Music.