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Doug Beavers Ft Jeremy Bosch “Sol”

“Sol” is simply an uplifting song for the times.  The message is simple, that no matter how difficult things might appear, there is always a light that will shine through your window to help illuminate the way.

I composed the song to connect with calling  as songwriter and composer, and to fuse two styles which I am very fond of: R&B and salsa music.

It’s chorus states “There’s no pain that lasts a thousand years, there’s no face that cries a thousand tears”, giving the listener pause, and hope.

-Doug Beavers

The song will be releasing on Circle 9 subscribers starting tomorrow, Fri 9/25 at 6pm eastern time.

More on Circle 9 Music:

Created by Grammy® winning producer, trombonist and composer Doug Beavers and based in the New York City area, Circle 9 is a hybrid, subscriber-supported independent record label and full music production service offering end-to-end music creation including mixing and mastering, composition and arrangement, and music production by Grammy® award winning composers, producers and engineers.

An integrated online learning platform is planned for phase 2 of the launch, which will offer courses and online teaching by Circle 9 artists, producers, and engineers.

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