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Domino Saints Ft Landa Freak “Wine”


Sensuality, adrenaline and high energy. This is the best way to define Domino Saints, the Puerto Rican urban pop duo formed by Gigi and David, whose fresh and modern sound is has taken an important place in today’s Latin music as both musical and fashion trend setters, always innovating musical styles within the Urban genre and pioneering new looks in the Latin music world.

Their concept, like Domino’s and Saints, represents all of Caribbean culture and their music takes their urban reggaetón and dancehall sound to a global level made for international audiences, not just Spanish speakers. After their successful single of 2014, “Tesoro”, and participating in successful campaigns and national tours with multiple artists, Domino Saints career began taking shape into the only powerful Latin Urban male and female duo.

Their 2017 EP REBELS included their first Billboard Tropical Number #1 with their single “Ya Quiero” followed by Ponte Sexy, and Mi Orgullo, which was selected to represent Puerto Rico in the 2018 Viña Del Mar Festival. Their first full length album “Island Kings vol.2” was released January 31, 2020 which features A La Buena, the first afrobeat reggaeton single of the album produced by DJ Blass and released in late 2019. Island Kings Vol.2 will drop April 24th.

2020 awaits Domino Saints with open arms. Their first full length album “Island Kings vol.1” featuring singles A La Buena, Dutty Love, Wine & Body. After a killer performance at Superbowl Live on Feb 1st in Bayfront Park, Domino Saints kicked of a nationwide promo tour with club shows in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, NYC, and Los Angeles. With a sound that maintains the duo’s essence, they have evolved and adapted not only to the present but to the future of Latin Music around the world.

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