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Dean Morel “Mi Unico Tesoro”


It was known from his early childhood he was born into a musical legacy. His Great-Grandfather Juan Morel Campos, was considered to be the Mozart of Puerto Rico “El Padre De La Danza Puertorriqueno. His Grand Father Manuel Morel Campos, was a local Band Leader in Puerto Rico. His Father Manolin Morel Campos, was a Band Leader in New York. He would have the privilege of growing up exposed to the music industry from within. On any normal day Singers and musicians as to likes of Tito Puente, Machito, Tito Rodriguez, Daniel Santos, Bobby Capo and La Lupe to mention a few would be in Dean’s childhood home.

His love for music showed from an early age, playing trumpet and flute at the age of 9. By the time he was 14 he was already playing with local Latin bands, being taken into the clubs by a back door because of his age. He played 1st Trumpet and doubled up on the Alto Saxophone in the school bands; he also played in two Marching Bands as well.” It was apparent his love for music was developing into his future”.

At the age of 16 Dean began to play with his father’s big band. After graduating high school he enlisted into the United States Navy and was able to play with the Sixth Fleet Naval Band every opportunity he had. After, his honorable discharge from the USN, he returned to New York and enrolled in Lehman College to concentrate in Music. During this time, he played with many of the local bands and continued to play with his father as well, until his father’s unexpected passing in 1989 of heart disease in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He was in the middle of a production with Danny Rivera.

Dean Morel Campos, has formed his Orquesta, keeping with his family tradition. No fancy name just the only name he has known from his childhood “Morel Campos” Composing original songs and collaborating with top arrangers from Puerto Rico; he has developed what he calls “His Sound”. The love for Big band comes through in his band. With five horns and specific instructions to his arrangers “I want to sound like 10 horns”. He’s a true professional, Musicians will tell you. This is not a pick up band, it’s a well-rehearsed band. His commitment to his sound and the dancers compliments what he was learned from his many years in music. Through his enthusiasm he has a large following on New York City ON2 Dancers; which he is proud to play for.

He recently released his first single “Mi Unico Tesoro”. Collaborating with arranger Hector “Keko” Hernandez and many musicians from Puerto Rico this project came to realization.

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