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Cynthia, Judy Torres, K7 “Don’t Call It Love”


The First Family of Freestyle (FFOF) is a musical collaborative of legacy Freestyle artists, producers and songwriters brought together by the legendary songwriting & production team of Tony Moran and Andy Panda.

Together, Panda & Moran have been responsible for creating hits for some of the biggest Freestyle legends of all time including The Cover Girls, TKA, Noel, Cynthia, Nayobe & SaFire to name just a few.

The soon to be released album from FFOF entitled Family Reunion Vol. 1, will consist exclusively of duets from timeless Freestyle artists such as Cynthia, TKA, Judy Torres, George Lamond, Nayobe, The Cover Girls, Soave, Betty D of Sweet Sensation and many more. Dont Call It Love (DCIL) the debut release from the album is a duet with Cynthia and TKA featuring a guest vocal performance by Judy Torres. DCIL was written by Andy Panda, Tony Moran & Mike Salerno and produced by Tony Moran and Andy Panda.

DCIL is a song about the challenges, doubts & struggles that come with real love. DCIL is a classic yet modern freestlye production complete with the booming beats, lush melodies and sophisticated layering that exemplify the Moran-Panda sound. Cynthia, K-7 and Judy sing as well as they ever have and tell the story beautifully.

The First Family of Freestyle is not an exclusive clique but rather an ever-growing community of talent committed to providing Freestyle fans with great new music and preserving the genre for years to come

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