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Curao En Salsa “Salsa Para El Bailador” by Nelson Rodriguez

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In the summer of 2016 I started to hear of this band from Colombia led by the talented pianist Oscar Ivan Lozano ‘OiLo’, who was Grupo Niche’s musical director for ten years, was now producing his own recording. “OiLo’ has also performed/recorded with Orquesta Guayacan, Grupo Gale’, Son De Cali, La Cali Charanga, Sonora Carruseles & many others and is currently the musical director for Willy Garcia (ex- Niche & Son De Cali).

What “OiLo’ created was the band Curao En Salsa and “Salsa Para El Bailador” began as an internet sensation that spread worldwide and went virual causing OiLo Studios and Salsaneo Records to join forces and bring this awesome recording to a CD format.

The CD is a throwback to the sounds of the 70’s, my favorite music decade, with a Manny Oquendo & Libre feel to it with the use of three trombones. There are only two covers in Libre’s “Alanbanciosa” sung by the Puerto Rican Jukio Lopez and El Gran Combo’s “Vagabundo” sung by Carlos Guerrero and some great original compositions that starts with “Curao En Salsa” with the great vocalist Hermes Manyoma, “Con Alma De Sonero” that features another Colombian giant Kike Harvey, “En Su Cuento” with Jhon Lozano, “Titico Na’ Ma” (Salsa Para El Bailador) with Alex Torres, and “Sabor A La Kaar” with Betty Kaar.

What elevates this production to a ‘must have’ is the execution that each vocalist brings to the project that is also a highlight for Oscar Ivan Lozano as a pianist and bandleader.