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COASTCITY ft Álvaro Diaz “Desconocidos Remix”

COASTCITY Releases Highly Anticipated Remix of “Desconocidos” (Strangers)
with Latin Trap’s most promising artist
Álvaro Diaz
Exclusively with Noisey / Thump En Español
COASTCITY and Álvaro Diaz are two of the most promising artists from Puerto Rico within their musical lanes whose admiration for each other led them to collaborate on this track. By fusing their respective genres, Caribbean Soul and Trap,  they created something incomparable and singular within the Latin space. 

“Working with Alvarito was no coincidence, we’ve been following our homie for a while now. He painted the picture of ‘Desconocidos’ in less than 16 bars while capturing the story with a shot of mezcal,” says COASTCITY about creating the remix.

“I’m a fan of the guys for a while now. One time I took my first girlfriend to a Luis Fonsi concert in Puerto Rico a few years back and I remember Jean opening up for him.  I became a fan because he was on that RnB tip and very innovative. I was practicing being a hip hop artist and would only listen to music in English and seeing him made me say to myself ‘I can listen to this!’ A few years go by, I end up meeting the guys, I tell them about that moment and shortly after we did the remix…because I really liked the track. They had an early morning flight and had to leave right after the session but it was a dope experience. Let’s keep creating,” explains Álvaro Diaz about getting together with COASTCITY.