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Choco Y Sus Complices “Buscando La Calma”


Impossible to resist! The Cuban Timba band Choco y sus Cómplices was founded in 2016 by Eric Durrer, widely recognized as one of the greatest conga players in Europe. The group of musicians he directs consists of outstanding stars of the current Latin-European scenario. The sixteen-member band is based on the traditional line-up of Charanga orchestras (violin, cello and flute), but completed by four talented singers and a full horn section with drums to create a band that will blow your senses. Eric, commonly known as “Choco”, because of his former band Eric y su Chocolate, has been establishing himself as a renowned composer. Over the past years he has enriched many of the musical productions in Europe. He is considered one of the most versatile Latin musicians, who has managed to make of his music a fascinating rhythmic and melodic fusion of Charanga, Salsa, Jazz, Funk, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian styles.

“This album is an absolute must-have for DJs and latin music lovers.”
“….time to shake your legs to this excellent European Latin release!”
“Excellent European Latin release!”
by Tim lanna in
“You don’t hear such catchy salsa every day.”
by Eric van Domburg Scipio on the Dutch magazine Heaven
“…timba que deja una huella imborrable, pasos de animal grande, timba que sofoca y enamora.”
by DJ el Chino on
“…es hora de sacudir las piernas a este excelente lanzamiento latino europeo!“
by Carlos E Gomes Klych on
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Bookings: Eric Durrer +352 621 507 294
Available on: Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and all digital platforms.