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Choco Orta “30 Años Repartiendo Sabor” By Nelson Rodriguez

Choco Orta CD_30 Años_2018-01.jpg

Throuhout 2017 I received various tunes from this wonderful CD including “Severa” (popular tune by Cortijo y su Combo) and “Se Que Tu” with guest Jose Alberto “El Canario” and knew this was destined to be a huge CD in 2018.

Choco Orta is one of todays premier soneras with tremendous roots that I recall from her days with Salsa Fever in the early 80’s, on TH Records.

Her CD’s, beginning in 1996, on MP Records, did not give her the marketing exposure she deserved but we knew she would break out if she held on. And hold on she did and has become one of the best Salsa exponents today.

What makes this ‘sonera’ shine is that she is a percussionist, actress and dancer giving her a huge edge during her performances.

Thirty years of musical excellence is what’s captures on this new release, “30 Años Repartiendo Sabor”, that opens with the smoking “30 Años de Sentimiento y Sabor” followed by the winners “Mi Buenaventura”, “Canta Choco Canta”, and her latest single duet with Herman Olivera, “Otro Amor”.

As we near the midway point of 2018 we have seen some superb releases and Choco Orta’s new CD is definitely one of those that will be on many Top Ten lists.