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Chesca Joins Forces with Pitbull and Frankie Valli for “Te Quiero Baby (I Love You Baby)”

After the highly successful release with Static & Ben El and Pitbull, “Subelo (Further Up),” and follow up singles, “Deja De Hablar (ft. Jon Z)” and “Hijo De Uff (ft. Sebas)”, Chesca is back with her new single, “Te Quiero Baby (I Love You Baby)” which also features Pitbull and the legend, Frankie Valli. “Te Quiero Baby” is a new Spanish language version/interpolation of the iconic hit “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” that was an international hit song recorded by Frankie Valli in 1967.

Chesca and Pitbull have partnered in the past and have amazing chemistry in recorded music and live performances. Most recently, Chesca and Pitbull proved their success with the #1 Hit on Latin radio airplay “Subelo” (Further Up) along with Static & Ben El. These two also shined when they performed their hit song “Cinco de Mayo” on the televised Premio Lo Nuestro 2020.

Chesca currently has over 12 million channel views on YouTube, 160K Instagram followers, and 150K followers with 2.2M likes on Tik Tok. Pitbull has over 23 million monthly listeners on Spotify, over 9 billion views on YouTube, and 8 million Instagram followers. A sample of Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” has recently surged in popularity on TikTok and “Te Quiero Baby” will surely help people recognize the catchy tune.

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About: CHESCA:
CHESCA was born and raised in Puerto Rico and grew up around a very musically driven family. She released her first Spanish single, “Azucar” in October 2018 – an urban pop record with the combination of Reggaeton and Latin sounds produced by Grammy-winning producer Jimmy Joker and written Grammy winners AJ Janussi, Bilal The Chef, I AM Chino and Jorge Gomez. This song, along with her music video, made a mark in the industry generating over 4m views as an independent release. The song was placed on a scene for the movie “What Men Want” and made it to the Top 10 Radio Airplay Charts in Puerto Rico. In 2020, Chesca was featured in the #1 Hit on Latin radio airplay “Subelo” (Further Up) with Static & Ben El and Pitbull. Her debut single, “Deja De Hablar,” signed under Saban Music Group (SMG) featured top Latin urban artist- Jon Z. In May 2020- Chesca dropped “Hijo De Uff,” which features mega influencer and artist Sebas.

About Pitbull:
Pitbull invites disruption on a global scale as a GRAMMY®-winning independent international superstar, education advocate, business entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. With countless awards, dozens of international number ones, hundreds of gold and platinum certifications, single sales of over 80 million, and cumulative views above 15 billion, one of the most impressive careers in music history have set the stage for him to make real change. Pitbull successfully helped establish the Sports Leadership Arts and Management (SLAM!) tuition-free public charter schools across the country. He was honored by the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of Clean Water Here.

He is a partner in eMerge Americas, the annual tech and innovation summit held in Miami. And he was honored alongside music legends as well as Nobel Peace Prize and Pulitzer Prize winners at the 2019 International Achievement Summit. Pitbull and Horizon Media have partnered to launch 305 Worldwide, a new multicultural marketing agency. The first partnership secured through 305 Worldwide is Pitbull’s multiplatform marketing collaboration with Boost Mobile. Pitbull has performed for millions worldwide and even joined forces with the #1 life and business strategist, Tony Robbins, for numerous engagements worldwide. He maximizes his own creative, entrepreneurial, and personal freedom on the Latin album LIBERTAD 548 — his first project was released independently under his own Mr. 305 Records on September 27, 2019.

About SMG:
Saban Music Group LLC (SMG) is a global music entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California. SMG was founded in 2019 by Haim Saban, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saban Capital Group LLC and a worldwide pioneer and leader in the entertainment industry. SMG captures the globalization of music by identifying, signing, and developing artists with international appeal. This year, SMG announced a global distribution and marketing agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment.

Since its launch, spearheaded by industry veteran Gustavo Lopez, SMG has been signing artists and developing content for the global music audiences. The music entertainment firm is committed to providing resources for both local as well as international artists through its 360 model. The company operates in many pillars, including recorded music, publishing, touring, management and acquisitions. SMG’s global artist roster includes Static & Ben El (Israel), Mergui (Israel), Marie Monti (France), Chesca (Puerto Rico), and Reykon (Colombia), to name a few.