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CHAÉ & Mila Las Perlas Negras “Llueve”


CHAÉ IS an Afro-Colombian born singer/songwriter, Latin acoustic folk rock & tropical music star. CHAE became famous along with her sister Mila as part of the tropical music duo she created called Las Perlas Negras (The Black Pearls) and the Monumental Orchestra.  As part of that collaboration she has toured throughout the Americas and Europe winning several music awards with their hits “Negro Candela”, “Navegando” and “Carnaval”. Among some of the awards the duo have won are the “El Congo de Oro” twice as the best New artist in the Tropical music category in Barranquilla, Colombia followed by the Fitur award in Madrid, Spain. CHAE along with her sister also received national awards such as The Caribbean Festival and Commerce Chambers Award in Cartagena, Colombia. To add to the list of her accomplishments CHAE as part of La Perla Negra has not only produced, written and composed five different albums, but has also appeared on several variety shows as she traveled throughout Miami, Chicago, Boston, New York, Madrid, Spain and the entire country of her native Colombia, among them are” Sabado Gigante” with Don Francisco, and past shows such as “A L a Cama con Porcel” and “El Show de Carlos Alfredo.” 


            As she works to reunite with her sister, Elizabeth Dillon Cordoba under her new namesake CHAE is now embarking on a Solo career performing at several venues in New York City. Performing some of her songs titled “Woman”, “Freedom”, “Sweet Justice”, “Dame Amor” among others, CHAE’ s acoustic folk- rock sound combined with her rhythmic soulful voice is a true hit wherever she performs. Her Latin tropical roots can also be heard in much of the new music she composes. CHAE and the music she creates has often been compared to Nina Simone, Sheryl Crow and India Irie to name a few, but her ability to compose both in Latin and English along with the talent of being able to change her genre of music at will makes her stand out among the rest. More importantly, CHAE creates intelligent, moral, women empowering and socially conscious music which is enlightening, refreshing and much needed in today’s world.

They have released a new smoking hot salsa single “Llueve” which is getting played world wide. 

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