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Canela Media Launches Free Streaming Service Targeting U.S. Latinos

Canela.TV Entertainment Platform Provides Premium Bilingual Video-On-Demand


Canela Media, a minority and female-owned leading digital media tech company, announces the launch of Canela.TV, a streaming service that enriches the new generation of U.S. Latinos by providing free access to unique, culturally relevant content. With more than 8,000 hours of entertainment for adults and children including comedies, docuseries, novelas, cartoons, dramas and action films, the brand aims to disrupt the television model and serve as the destination for premium video at home and on-the-go.

“Hispanic millennials are a diverse and intricate generation in search of quality content that reflects the depth of our culture through an accurate portrayal of Hispanics’ life experiences,” said Isabel Rafferty, CEO and Founder at Canela Media. “Through Canela.TV we are expanding and enhancing the entertainment options available to this consumer through content that is captivating, high-quality, culturally relevant and free 24/7, accessible on any device of their choice.”

Entertainment is a significant part of Hispanic households with more than seven in 10 Hispanics streaming movies and shows on a weekly basis, according to Mintel. However, as the bilingual population continues to grow, their choices are not only driven by language, but rather relevance. Canela.TV has carefully curated a library of series and films in Spanish and English that will reflect and celebrate the Hispanic identity through compelling storylines from leading partners including Atr3s Media, Caracol Television, Legendary, Polka, Shoreline, and Spanglish, to mention a few. Among the award-winning content includes:

  1. Mas de 100 Mentiras (Series) – this Spanish thriller will keep viewers on their toes as a hacker leaks the deep, dark secrets found in five students’ mobile phones, turning it into the worst digital catastrophe of their lives.
  2. Argentina, Tierra de Amor y Venganza (Series) – an Argentinian drama that follows the journey of Torcuato and Bruno, two Spanish friends, who flee from the Civil War to take refuge in Argentine territory, but their differing luck leads them to betrayal.
  3. Guapas (Series) – this dramatic comedy from Argentina features five women between their 30s and 50s, who all lose their fortune when their bank closes overnight, forcing them to reevaluate their priorities as they form a priceless friendship.
  4. Huevo Kids (Kids) – from the popular Huevocartoon productions, come Huevo Kids, featuring five eggs who live inside a refrigerator and offer educational content for children including math problems, geometry, colors, etc.
  5. Todos tus Muertos (Movie) – what would you do if you woke up to find a pile of corpses on your land? This award-winning Colombian film features Salvador, a farm worker who discovers dead bodies on his crops and must deal with it without the help of local authorities.
  6. Chavela (Documentary) – this award-winning documentary features the captivating life of Costa Rican singer Chavela Vargas, and how her passionate rendition of ranchera songs transformed her into an icon.
  7. Underground: La Historia del Reggaeton (Series) – set in the 90s, this series features a group of young music producers and singers in Puerto Rico who create Reggaeton, a new music genre that initially wasn’t well-received but ended up conquering the world.

Canela.TV can be accessed anytime, anywhere at no cost and is now available for download at App Store and Google PlayRokuApple TVAndroid TVAmazon Fire TV and Smart TVs.

About Canela Media

Canela Media is a leading digital media tech company offering brands a complete ecosystem to connect with multicultural audiences leading with its free streaming service, Canela.TV, offering on-demand Latino-focused movies and TV entertainment through multiple platforms.  Additionally, Canela Media reaches more than 20 million unique Hispanics across its 180+ premium Spanish-language sites and influencer database. Combined with the company’s proprietary data, Canela Media possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to establish meaningful and culturally relevant connections with the new mainstream – U.S. Hispanics. Headquartered in New York, Canela Media is ranked as the fourth largest Hispanic ad-focused company and is female- and minority-owned. For more information please visit