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Armando Luna “Black Magic Woman”


Armando Luna is a Latin pop artist who brings a new expression to the Salsa and Merengue music of his native Dominican Republic. Singing fluently in English and Spanish, his music is a blend of international influences, incorporating the breezy rhythms of the Caribbean islands, as well as melodies from American mainstream radio to create a sound that appeals to music lovers everywhere. Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1955, Luna began writing songs when he was just a teenager. He learned the basics of piano and percussion, but his truest passion was for singing. When he moved the the United States at twenty years old, he brought his love of Dominican music with him. While enrolled at college in New York, he continued to hone his musical skills. When he finally had enough songs, he released his debut album ‘Homenaje a Los Grandes’ in 2008. Sales were slow, but he persevered and continued to write new and better songs. In 2018, Luna released a new album ‘Tiene Sabor.’ Considering this album to be far superior to its predecessor, he felt invigorated and restarted his music career. He followed this up with a well received cover of ‘Black Magic Woman.’ Currently based in Florida, he is now planning to tour both the United States and the Dominican Republic in support of his new music.