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Miami, FL based lifestyle band, AVAT releases their new single  “Together We Fall” today via VEVO. Known for creating hard-hitting, melody-drenched songs inspired by the likes of Killswitch EngageTriviumBlack Veil Brides and classic-era Of Mice & Men, the new track is the first in a series of new recordings from the group and the follow up to the band’s previous single, “Wolves.”

Click HERE to listen to “Together We Fall

As of today, AVAT is featured on the cover of Spotify’s NEW BLOOD playlist and “Together We Fall” has garnered top placement on the playlist as well. Click HERE to listen.

Comprised of lead singer Roly Velazquez, Bassist Jonathan Rivera and Guitarist Dimitri Anchipolovsky, AVAT is signed to Apocalypse Records, a new Rock imprint powered by InnerCat Music Group.

AVAT debuted with the single “Brenna” on Apocalypse Records in 2017, along with a simultaneous video release. The young band pulled off the hit with more than 50,000 views on the first day. The follow-up single “Wolves” was released in mid-2018, and the song’s video doubled down on the previous video, landing more than 100,000 views in one day. As a fresh taste to the genre for all those who listen, metal fans from around the world are thrashing to a new wave of Miami metal from AVAT.

Lead singer Roly Velazquez says, “‘Together We Fall’ is a huge moment for us as a band. We put everything we had into this song and the team at Apocalypse has given us the opportunity to express ourselves in ways we never imagined before. This song really shows who we are right now and we want to let people know that there’s a metal movement in Miami that’s gonna surprise a lot of people.”

We’re blown away to have AVAT and “Together We Fall” as our premiere release,” say label co-founders Mariano Aponte and John “JP” Guinan. “We really want to help expose the great Rock and Metal bands working so hard in the Miami market, and partnering with InnerCat will  enable us to connect with these music fans in an entirely new way. It’s time for hard rock to take its place alongside other genres that are benefitting from the digital marketing and technology available today.”

About Apocalypse Records:
Apocalypse Records is the new Rock imprint powered by InnerCat Music Group. Apocalypse Records main goal is to promote and grow Miami based rock bands using the visionary approach to development created by InnerCat Music Group, making it one of the most well-equipped labels for early talent development in this new era of the industry. With the focus set on only Miami based talent, the message is to prove that Rock has always had a place in the Magic City and that Apocalypse Records, powered by InnerCat, is the driving force behind it.

The label was conceived by an idea in 2017 by longtime friends and members of the Miami rock scene, Mariano Aponte and John “JP” Guinan. They went on to showcase their bands at the historic Churchills Pub in Miami which went on to spur a yearly event that has included bands like Black Tide. Following the inaugural event, InnerCat approached Aponte and Guinan with the idea of developing the label as an imprint in late 2018 after seeing the artists Apocalypse had signed and began to develop along with the active participation in the scene in Miami.

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