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Adrian Vadim “Space”

Adrián Vadim releases his long-awaited first single “Space”: A story that became a song. 

He grew up in front of television cameras with millions of people carefully following his every step, as if they were episodes of a soap opera. Adrián Vadim graced the covers of many magazines long before he even went to school, because his story is as beautiful as his voice. The 21-year-old singer, who calls himself “Russian-Rican-Cuban-American”, was adopted by the internationally renowned Puerto Rican journalist and television star María Celeste Arrarás when he was just a baby and today, turned into a young singer, he premieres his first single,Space, ready to conquer the world on his own merit. Adrián Vadim launches into the music industry guided by an innate vocation and with a unique voice by the hand of composer and music producer Joel Someillan, winner of two Latin Grammy Awards and who has worked with great artists such as Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez , Ricky Martin and Chayanne, among others.

Space is the first of three singles composed by Adrián Vadim and Someillan that relate experiences that have marked the young singer and that carry a direct message to the heart. Space talks about the difficult process of accepting the beginning of the end of a relationship, which often arises when the person you love asks for “space”. “All that pain is reflected in the musical aspect of Space,” says Someillan. “It’s a soft, sentimental pop song. Electronic elements and synths combine with a jazz guitar riff and a soft, brooding voice to convey a message of nostalgia and anguish.” 


In 2000, Maria Celeste and her then-husband, Manuel Arvesu, of Cuban origin, traveled to a Moscow suburb called Stupino to visit the orphanage where their future son, little Vadim, lived. The couple, who already had a biological son named Julián and were awaiting the birth of a girl they would call Lara, did not hesitate to adopt the beautiful Russian baby who stole their hearts. They baptized him with the name of Adrián Vadim because they wanted the boy to have the best of both worlds. They wanted him to preserve his first name so that he would grow up honoring his past and they added a new name, Adrián, to celebrate his new present and future. At the age of 18 months, Adrián Vadim came to the United States and settled with his new family in the city of Miami. Adrián Vadim and his siblings grew up in a loving, bilingual home. Two years ago, Adrián Vadim was singing at the top of his lungs in the shower and his mother came over to ask him to turn down the radio, without imagining that it was her own son who was singing. This is how he discovered the great talent of Adrián Vadim, who then confessed that music was his secret passion. The rest is history! 

Space is now available on all digital Music platforms worldwide.

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